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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 24, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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begin to get some kind of cooperation among us, i'm not sure how we deal with the dilemma. >> the president goes into tomorrow's speech with a new burst of support. recent polls show his approval rating improving by as much as three points since the midterm shellacking. >> now we are in late january and he's not over, he's in a come back. i think he goes into the state of the union in a strong position. >> some say the turn around is a sign the president got the message in november. >> reaching out to talk to people that are not only members of his own inner circle, but even democrats, saying what did i do wrong? how can i fix this problem. >> congressman joe walsh is a republican from the president's home state of illinois, he's a freshman congressman, so tomorrow, congressman, you're as tending your first state of the union and already your committee is pushing for deeper budget cuts than have already been
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proposed by republicans like what specifically. >> it will be my first state of the union and i'm terribly excited. this isn't about the president, it's about his policies. and there's something -- i find this to be a terribly cynical exercise, he spent two years, his policies for the past two years have done nothing but hurt job creation, hurt competitiveness and hurt growth. and so now all of a sudden in a speech two years later, he's going to try to undo some of that. >> but here in your committee, congressman, you're pushing for $2.5 trillion in cuts including a 5% pay freeze for federal employees, you want to cut subsidies for amtrak, there are a lot of people that will be out of work if you get your way so how can you say the focus is on jobs? >> the unemployment rate in this
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country is still over 9%. we need to do the opposite of what this president's done and get government respectfully out of the way so that the private economy can grow. that's what we're concerned about is getting this great in the american economy growing again and that's not going to happen unless we undo all the burdensome taxation that this president and his policies have put on the american economy in the last two years. >> and what would you do for the thousands and thousands of government employees that will lose their jobs if you get your way. >> they will embark on the private sector and because of republican policies it will be a booming, growing private sector which is where we want all of the jobs to be. the focus has got to be on this economy. >> this is something that's near and dear to your heart and it's something that you take personally, because in your own individual budgeting, you have decided that it's more cost
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effective for you to sleep in your office than to go get a place in washington, d.c. do you think that government should operate more like you're operating, as a congressman? >> i think government needs to do what the private sector has been doing the last two to three years, which is to make some tough choices, live within their means, cut where they need to cut, cut spending so that they can grow. this congress, this republican congress, the next two years, is going to all be about cutting government and growing this economy. to do that, the first step is going to be to undo, again, respectfully what this president has done the last two years. >> we'll see how much success you have on that front, congressman, i'm glad to have you with me here the day before the state of the union. thank you. the northeast is locked in the depths of a deadly deep freeze. stinging cold and biting windchills have killed at least two people. and in some areas, the cold is expected to feel like 50 degrees
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below zero. though sub zero temperatures are causing problems below ground as well. a water main break sent thousands of gallons gushing on to the belt way and snarling traffic for hours. peter alexander is standing right out in that frigid winter weather in central park. how is it feeling out there? >>. >> reporter: it's a veritable heat wave out there, according to our friends at the weather channel, it's about 10 degrees. compare that to about six degrees early this morning. that marked the coldest day here in new york city in at least two years. some records being broken throughout this region. you think it's bad here, it's relatively balmy compared to what's going on in the adironda adirondacks. they woke in saranac lake to 36 degrees below zero. that is the actual air temperature. that does not include windchill. closer to home here in manhat n
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manhattan, temperatures right at the zero mark having an impact. the clear skies are making it feel a lot more comfortable right now. these are obviously not the temperatures you play around with. you want to wear extra layers, you want to keep a close eye on kids and pets outside. >> you wouldn't guess it looking at the picture, because it's such a sunny, bright winter day out there. congresswoman gabrielle giffords has being a bit of a set back. her doctors say her condition is improving but fluid on her brain is building up. later today shooting suspect jared lauoughner will go before federal judge. jay gray is outside the courthouse now in phoenix.
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what are you expecting to happen today in court, jay? >> hey, contessa. we expect to see a brief hearing unlike the trial that's going to follow. look, jared lee loughner has made his way to the federal courthouse here within the last 30 or 45 minutes, he's currently in a holding cell whehere at th courthouse where he will enter a plea of not guilty. a lot of legal analysts have been watching this and stay this is sure to be a long trial, in part because of all of the filings that will likely be made as a part of this case. one coming this weekend when the prosecution actually requested that all future proceedings take place in a tucson courtroom. so the judge will have to deal with that today as well. and then it will continue to move forward if they move with that insanity plea, he will have to be determined whether he can -- is competent to stand
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trial, if he's not, he will move to a federal facility, where he will stay for at least four months as they try and raise his competency level to one where he can face trial. there's a lot of loopholes along the way, he'll hear a long list of -- with his initial plea on the early charges and those are two attempted murder, one attempted assassination of a congress person, prosecutors say murder charges will come a bit later in this case. contessa? >> jay, thank you for breaking it down for us and keeping tabs there in arizona. new york mayor michael bloomberg has called for major controls of the country's gun laws. mayor bloomberg and 34 victims of gun violence spoke at city hall a short time ago. bloomberg chose the number 34 because that's the number of people killed by handguns every day. family members described their
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losses. >> my son glen was killed while buying bagels and coffee in a local store. >> my son was shot and murdered. >> i was mugged and shot by 16-year-olds. >> my daughter was shot twice in the back of the head on april 16, 2007 at the virginia tech tragedy. >> i lost my daughter on mother's day, something has to be done. >> reporter: martin luther king also spoke out about losing his father to gun violence. the reverend was just 10 years old at that time. police are on high alert at transportation hubs all over russia following a deadly explosion at moscow's airport. the russian president blamed the attack on terrorists. investigators suspect a suicide bomber set off the explosives inside the international arrival toll at that airport. it's russia's largest. at least 35 people were killed, 130 others are hurt. set the scene for me now, what's happening at the airport as we
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speak? >> reporter: well as we speak now, there are still both medical teams and security teams there, first the medical teams trying to get injured people out of the airport into the hospitals, regional hospitals both near the airport and further inside moscow and the investigation is already beginning as to what may have caused and who caused this explosion. we have heard media reports of a suicide bomber, we have also heard unconfirmed reports that there are two suicide bombers, that there were two separate explosions in different areas near each other but near the international arifle area. the investigation from here is also going to go to how did these people get those explosions into the airport or are they on planes which landed? it's still too early to say. >> i just wanted to mention, the presidential briefing by the press secretary is happening right now and robert gibbs has just said that the president and
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the first lady are very concerned about the victims in that explosion. and so we're keeping an eye on the briefing for what else may come out of this. and could the murder weapon in the amanda knox case win her a new trial? the american college student who's convicted of murdering her roommate insists she's innocent. the judge is allowing independent experts to reexamine and retest the very evidence that helped convict amanda. amanda knox's dad kurt joins me. it's good to see you today. >> thank you for having me. >> we know there's going to be additional testing on the knife and your daughter's bra and originally prosecutors said that amanda's boyfriend's dna was found on both of those items. what are you expecting to happen with the additional independent testing? >> well, i think really what's
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going to happen here is they're going to focus mainly on the knife and really going through and trying to re-evaluate and try to literally redo the entire tests that the police force did and see if they come to the same conclusion. even during the hearing that took place on saturday, they requested to actually open up the handle of the knife and we are very much in favor of that and amanda's looking forward to a good conclusion. >> yeah, i said it was ammandma bra, it was actually meredith kercher's bra. experts are saying there was no match at this point. but how much weight are you giving the new tests, the new dan tests and how much weight are you giving these new defense witnesses that are allowed to be called? >> actually i'm holding a very heavy amount of weight on it just because it's an independent review that was requested even during the first trial but was
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not allowed. so i think this new judge and jury are really looking forward to finding the truth out of this. and one of the key witnesses that supposedly put amanda and rafael near the scene of the crime on the night of the murder, he is a homeless man who's now up on heroin charges and the discotheque owners from the outskirts of pur oourks sia are going to say that there were no busses running that night. and oh, by the way, this homeless man, this is his third murder trial that she ehe's bee involve in in the last ten years where he's been a witness. so it makes you wonder. >> i also wonder about your daughter's willingness to undergo all this again. she insists she's innocent, but the prosecution says, forget about this 26-year sentence, we're going to press for life behind bars. obviously this is a risk she's willing to take, but does that
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weigh on her? >> well, you know, given the circumstances of how the first trial concluded where in my opinion it was so crystal clear that she was innocent, it's always a wait, but amanda is not afraid of the truth and neither are we, we hope this new review of the evidence will allow that real truth to come out. and that's going to allow her to come home. >> kurt knox, it's good of you to join us today, we appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> developing right now in florida, police say a gunman has barricaded himself in the attic of a home in st. petersburg. they say he has killed now two police officers and wounded a u.s. marshall. the officers were trying to arrest him on aggravated battery charges when he opened fire this morning. police are not identifying the suspect or the dead officers and as it stands now, the standoff continues. the come accused of
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developing now, police evacuated thousands of people after pressure in a village gas main sparked a series of fires in fair port harbor, ohio.
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at least eight fires erupted in homes and garages. so far no word if anyone got hurt, but the gas main has now been shut down. police say is gunman who shot four officers at a detroit police precinct has a relative who was due to be -- 38-year-old lamar moore of detroit. moore was killed by police. surveillance tape of the incident showed acts of heroism by the actors involve. police in washington are trying to figure out why a man shot two police deputies in a walmart parking lot. that happened yesterday in the afternoon near port orchard, that's near seattle. officers confronted the guy and that's when he wounded both deputies before he was killed by another officer responding to the scene. another woman was also killed we
12:19 pm
don't know who shot her. the single mom in idaho who won a megamillions jackpot may have to give some of the money to her husband because they were never legally divorced. all we have seen of her is this mug shot taken after a domestic dispute involving her husband josh in 2003. those charges were later dropped. the two have been separated for years. the woman accused of stealing a baby girl 23 years ago has now confessed to police reportedly that she snatched that baby in 1987 after having h trouble having her own children. she's facing those charges in federal court today and ann pettway surrendered to the fbi yesterday. she said she wanted to turn herself in, she said that on facebook. she said that her daughter had
12:20 pm
actually been kidnapped by a new york family. her real name is carlina wright. this joyous reunion has given way to mixed emotions. >> i'm happy that my daughter came back to me. the other problem that i'm having right about now that's it's hard for her to cope with us right now because she hasn't been with us for 23 years. >> she was 12 they up and shipped her to new york city. but she's 23 years old, has a 5-year-old daughter and resides in atlanta, georgia. >> michelle segona is a crime reporter, michelle, we're just getting some of the details out of this court hearing that pettway confessed that she did take this baby.
12:21 pm
she took the baby out of the hospital and no one stopped her. and then got on a train. >> if they would have known sort of that she may have been allegedly an impostor, someone that could have possibly have take an child, of course, this would have never happened. earlier today, i did speak with fbi agent bill reiner who said that, you know, yesterday it was in bridgeport, connecticut, where she reached out to investigators and said, you know what? i'm ready to turn myself in. so the local law enforcement in bridgeport and the fbi met together and they were able to bring in the suspect and sort of take her over to new york where she did face those charges this morning. all in all, this is sort of -- it's mixed emotions because in a way, this is so great that she's reunited with her family after 23 years. but in another sense, it's sort of like a jaycee dugard, so much of her life was taken away and they really have to relearn one
12:22 pm
another as a family. >> ann pettway had originally told investigators when she was arrested that she had difficulty having her own children in the 1980s, that she had had miscarriages. clint v the profile of a baby snatcher is normally a woman who has recently lost a child. it all seems to fit here. >> it does seem to fit, but there's still an investigation and she is only charged at this particular point. she was also facing some other charges out of north carolina on a parole violation which ultimately is sort of one of the steps that put her on the map. and then the other step was, you know, a pawnshop that recognized her. she was allegedly trying to kind of fork over some jewelry and get some cash in that particular instance. so there was a series of events that took place in order to track her down. but the victim in this case is the hero, the one that sort of put it all together. >> isn't that weird?
12:23 pm
when i listen to that, i think that's so odd, the only person you have ever known as your mother, and she can't produce a birth certificate. if my mother -- listen, i have asked my mother for my birth certificate, she's like i don't know where it is. it's odd that that would be the thing that would spark the suspicion in her to make her go looking. >> that's the amazing part in all of this. she said i don't have a birth certificate, i don't have a social security card, there's some things that aren't adding up here i'm going to take this into my own hands and do my own investigation and that's what led her to the national center for missing and exploited children. her family never gave up hope and this is what i tell families over and over again. never give up hope, if you don't have a body, you don't have any other sorts of those things and your loved one is just out there and just missing, don't give up hope, get out there, keep posting it, there are websites, there are organizations, there are people to help you and in this case, it worked.
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>> and a lot easier to find people and less easy to hide someone now with all the technology. michelle, thanks. when you are looking to buy a house, i mean what are we talking about here, folks? location, location, location. a look at which states are home to the nation's smartest kids. plus those reusable bags, good for the environment might not be so good for your health. hot on the web, we kick it off with gawkers unusual take on the news out of france. here the headlines, hacker squanders great opportunity with sarkozy's facebook account. yes the french president has a facebook account. he wrote i have decided in my spirit and conscience not to run for office again and then invited people for going away cocktails next year. elton john feels like a
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a very alert driver narrowly avoids an explosive head on
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collision. it happened in canada, on the left side of your screen, a big rig plows through the highway divider. he just barely swerves. look at that, nice driving to avoid that hit. the trucker was charged with careless driving. this footage shows a daring predawn firefight. navy commandos stormed that ship, killed the crew, and eight pirates. a carnivals cruise ship proved to be a saving grace.
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valor is trescued the group as were stranded in rough waters off the coast of cuba. fortunately everybody's okay. president obama will deliver his second state of the union address tomorrow and we'll look back at expectations from last year and whether they were accomplished. and oprah winfrey's big family secret. and we're revealing it ahead. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven,
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i won't. ♪ [ female announcer ] clear some snow. ♪ or spread a little warmth. maxwell house gives you a rich full flavored cup of coffee so you can be good to the last drop. more possible cost cutting for the u.s. postal service. the agency is reviewing cost
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cutting measures. jack lalanne died of complications from pneumonia yesterday. the environmentally friendly reusable bags might be dangerous to your health. white house spokesman robert gibbs has just announced that several -- gabby giffords doctor and giffords intern daniel hernandez will also be attended the state of the union. gibson also gave reporters of what to expect during the speech. >> i think we're not going to have any debate in washington
12:35 pm
about whether we need to make some changes and whether we need to control our spending. we're going to have a by partisan discussion and how we go about doing that. msnbc's chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell is looking at promises made and promises kept. how is he doing? >> reporter: we decided to go back and check what obama has achieved since last year's state of the union. because remember president obama made a lot of promises and based on our nbc news analysis he did meet a lot of them. we put together some lists for you. this is a list of promises kept. passage of health care reform. end of iraq war.
12:36 pm
reduce the nuclear stockpile. done. repeal don't ask, don't tell, done. and finally launch a fiscal commission, that was created. it did fail to get the supermajority vote but he did laurj this fiscal commission as he promised. he also got a jabs bill through congress. but contessa, there were also some promises that were not yet fulfilled. on jobs, the president promised in last year's state of the union that they were on track to create 1.5 million jobs. but only 1.1 million jobs have been created. he promised to continue only the middle class tax cuts, but of course he also continued those for the wealthiest americans and finally the president promised earmark reform. he certainly keeps urging this on but it has been stuck in congress. finally there were some problems that the president made in the
12:37 pm
last year's state of the union that failed. he promised to create more energy and climate bills, that failed. and finally, i think this is one of the most interesting ones that i have found, the president promised to change the tone in washington. he promised specifically to hold monthly meetings with both parties, saying i know you can't wait. it turns out they could wait. the meetings were sporadic at best. it's been pretty tough rhetoric between both parties. >> in the president's defense, when he would try to schedule a meeting with republicans, they would be like oh, we're too busy, can we schedule it two weeks from now? it just pushes everything back. >> he did have them over to watch the super bowl, they were doing, once every once in a while to watch sports games. that petered out over the summer
12:38 pm
as we started to talk about health care reform. we know the republicans and the democrats are going to be sitting together and so this is probably one area where the president will renew himself on his promise to help change the tone. >> and the president has been getting a lot of credit for the things that were accomplished because of the, you know, the cooperation there. norah, thank you. msnbc's state of the union coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. with "hardball," the last word at 8:00, the state of the union speech and then the last word. and rachel maddow at midnight. the tea party is showing it's clout in new hampshire pushing its favored candidate in as its favored republican party chairman. that's important because new hampshire holds the first gop presidential primary in the nation. so it may influence who wins the republican nomination. this weekend an establishment
12:39 pm
candidate dominated new hampshire's straw poll. mitt romney got 35% of the vote. the next closers candidate was ron paul with 11%, tim pawlenty 8%, sarah palin 7%, michele bachmann got 5% of the vote there. anything about that breakdown in the straw poll that surprises you? >> well, i think what you saw a really strong showing from mitt romney who was the governor in the state next door and he did draw a lot of support from what looks to be establishment folks in new hampshire. if you look down the list of folks in the straw poll that didn't do quite so well, what you see is if you add up all of the candidates that could draw a lot of tea party support, together they total about 32%. so you saw a significant showing from tea partiers as well. >> are you going to see the tea party having to seminominate its
12:40 pm
own con techbder, otherwise it just fractures the tea party support? >> right now we really don't know what the shape of the 2012 field is going to look like. i think what you see here is that there's really an opportunity that this field is wide open. so if someone can step in there and clean the mantle of the tea party, they have a deep well of support that they can potentially draw from. >> michele bachmann is reportedly trying. if we look at broader polls, like the most recent nbc news "wall street journal" poll, you have mitt romney getting 19%, mike huckabee who ranked below michelle bachmann in the new hampshire straw poll, sarah palin with 14%, newt gingrich with 10%. this is the next poll, without palin, mike huckabee gets 23%. mitt romney then falls behind
12:41 pm
with 21%. newt gingrich moves up a couple points and that's where you see ron paul making a stand. is sarah palin really a factor regardless of whether she runs or doesn't run? >> i think obviously everyone is looking to see what her role is going to be in 2012. she's obviously going to have a serious impact on the race. there are differences between idaho, south carolina and early states. their voters all look to different things and you'll see mitt romney do better in new hampshire than many believe he might do in iowa. but palin, regardless of what she does, if she gets in, if she stays out, she's going to affect the nomination process. the list of smartest states with out with the national assessment of education progress
12:42 pm
every fourth and eighth grade child. the daily beast took the results and came up with the smartest states rankings and here they are. top of the list, massachusetts, vermont, new hampshire, and minnesota. at the bottom of the list, louisiana, new mexico, west virginia, washington, d.c. and mississippi. the cost of corn, wheat and soybeans are going through the roof and your grocery bill could be next. plus oprah winfrey shocks her audience with a big announcement about her own family. and if you need a cup of coffee to kick start your day, you may find this interesting. a new study by the journal of applied social psychology suggests that a cup of coffee could have a positive or negative affect on your brain depending on your gender. 20-something women performed better on tests. some doctors hesitate to endorse
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[ male announcer ] there's aflac and there's everything else. visit for an agent or quote. aflac! a controversial series of talks on the mid east peace process is under review. nbc has not been able to verify the documents as authentic. leaders of the plain authority are calling the documents forgeries. the pope says not everyone should be allowed to get married. the pontiff said priests need to more closely screen couples who seeking marriage. and lance armstrong is putting his pedals to work for australia's flood victims. more than 2,500 cyclists paid $50 each to go on a 50-mile
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charity bike ride with the tour de france winner. spoiler alert. we are going to reveal oprah's big secret. because she's already revealed it. you should hit mute if you don't want to know, but the secret is everywhere. don't turn the channel, we want you to stick around, but just hit mute until i start waves my hands around. oprah introduced the world to patricia, a child her mother gave up for adoption decades ago. >> do you know what happened? we saw the first airing, oprah was airing in chicago. >> oprah airs live in chicago. but there's a lot of time zones that are in the afternoon. >> everybody in the newsroom wants to hear oprah's big news. >> oprah has called this a miracle, the shock of a lifetime. of course oprah being the queen of marketing she decided to have this emotional reunion with her half sister that she only found
12:48 pm
out about a few months ago on her show. take a look. >> come on out, patricia. >> and that's all well show you. that's all they'll let us show you. >> they want you to watch the show. basically here's what we know about patricia. oprah's mom had her. didn't tell anybody in the family. opr oprah's mom did not tell anybody about it. she had a child, a single mom. a few years later she had another child. she had e-mailed oprah's staff several years ago saying i may be oprah's sister. >> so patricia contact this is adoption agency saying i want to find my birth mother, they hand her the file, but then they call her back and say your birth
12:49 pm
mother does not want to be contacted. at the same time on my old channel, a news story airs where the names -- the mother of oprah is being interviewed and names the children that she had. and the woman sitting there, and there's the file in front of her, she says oh, my god, could this really be happening? >> by the way, oprah was very impressed on the show today. and if you see it later. very impressed that sh woman did not sell her story. but she's known since 2007, patricia has, that she's oprah's sister. so oprah seemed very, very impress and even got emotional at one point about the fact that she did the right thing. patricia said that she wanted tto see oprah face to face. >> the reason why it was important to oprah is because oprah's sister had sold a big secret about oprah out to a tabloid much earlier in oprah's career. very exciting, jeff, thank you for breaking down the story. >> you're excited.
12:50 pm
>> we have been talking online today about how anybody could keep a secret from oprah all of this time because she is the queen of getting secrets out of people. how do you keep a secret from oprah? easily, hide it behind her massive ego. that's not nice. eric watson says you can't keep a secret from oprah when she uses that jedi mind trick. and oprah is the queen of talk shows but also the queen of marketing, i wonder if she has any all tulterior motives now t she got her new net work. the funny part was when people were guessing what the secret was. some said that she was going to say that she was gay. e-mail, twitter, facebook, thank you very much. [ male announcer ] introducing listerine® zero™.
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it costs more at the grocery store thanks to higher prices for manufacturers and food
12:54 pm
dpribt fors. when i say it costs more, stuff at the grocery store. how much more are we paying when we go to buy groceries now? >> you know, it doest sound like a lot, but it feels like a lot. i'm at henry's market in burbank and it looks like that food prices for consumers in 2010 went up about 1.5% and this year they could go up as much as 3%. it doesn't sound like a lot, it feels like a lot. here's some what shoppers had to say. >> i am paying for more produce, juice has gone up and milk has gone way up. >> meat, vegetables, fruit, everything. >> milk, butter, potatoes. >> i just realized that strawberries are totally expensive right now. >> i had this bright idea because as a single man, i just come in and shop and do whatever i do. >> okay, so i did some price
12:55 pm
checking, real simple magazine did some pricing on five items in october of 2009. a gallon of 2% milk, a dozen eggs, a pound of apples and some store wheat bread. i went out this week and checked the six major chains they checked on the same items, i actually went for the cheapest deals i could find. at kroger, prices are up 33% on those five items. at safeway, they're up 27%. at walmart, they're up 8%. at whole foods, they're down 8%. that really surprised me that whole foods in 15 months are actually down. the biggest jump, contessa, butter. i can't believe it's not cheaper. >> i hear you may have an opportunity for a walkon roll at the supermarket where you are? >> this is huge. how do grocery stores in los angeles then maximize their marketing opportunities?
12:56 pm
they have us in here, they're not paying us, but they're saying the name, henry's mark. but they're shooting desperate housewives, terri hatcher is over there. >> she is shopping for dealing, but she is not a desperate housewife, folks. thank you, jane wells. >> and i'm not a desperate housewife either. i'm just desperate. president obama prepares to deliver his second state of the union address. up next "andrea mitchell reports" and tonight, the big new primetime lineup, the last word with lawrence o'donnell at 8:00 p.m., rachel maddow, and the ed show at 10:00 p.m. ♪ to know, know, know you grandma is the bestest. the total package. grandpa's cooooooooool. way cool. ♪
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